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Hello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of the second ODI between India and Australia being played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. (Live Scorecard)21.39 IST: A brilliant performance from India and they have taken a 2 0 lead in the 5 match ODI series. This is their 8th consecutive win in ODIs, a commendable feat indeed! After posting a competitive total on this two paced track, their bowlers came out firing on all cylinders.

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Just now jing came up to the five of us and was like. Just now spot check right. Who got booked and we were like. Several people kept honking at me yesterday evening, and I jumped out of my skin each time. I bit pretty deeply into my tongue.You be reviving that tradition of Trainers walking in a group, and you be MUCH safer. A minimal of three people are recommended for this setup: one at the front leading the way, looking at sign of danger, one in the middle keeping track on the phone, and one at the back keeping watch for any sign of assailant or trouble coming.

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Either a new Will should be legally prepared or a codicil signed to legally change portions of the Will. A portion of your Will and Estate Planning can be deducted on your income tax return when it deals with tax planning. Thus, part of the fee is tax deductible for income tax purposes.

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